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Organic extra virgin olive oil "delle Pendici"

“Olio delle Pendici” From the Slopes

In October, we start to prepare the groves for the forthcoming harvest. This involves a lot of pruning and stripping of branches which jut out all over the place, especially from the base of the trunks, thus making the laying of the nets a difficult and awkward task. Following this work we start to harvest and the very first olives that are pressed produce an oil that is almost always distributed exclusively amongst the family and the team of olive pickers and very rarely sold as a commercial product.
The tales of the older generations about how they use to harvest the olives (using century old methods) make comparisons with the way we harvest nowadays inevitable. But a delicate and passionate combination of the old and the new biological techniques rewards us with a very high quality extra virgin organic olive oil with a particularly low acidity and suitable to all tastes.

Characteristics: Organic. Acidity – 0.4%. Colour – blonde with a green tint. Aroma – delicately fruity. Flavour – neither bitter or spicy but sweet and strong yet without being overpowering. Uses – in general Pendici is well suited to slightly more refined food, white fish and is also very good with salads.

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