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Masseria “Il Frantoio”
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The Jams and Marmalades of Masseria Il Frantoio

The Jams & Marmalades of Masseria Il Frantoio

To make our jams and marmalades we use only the very best fruit which is picked straight from our citrus orchard; the secret garden of “Il Frantoio”. Care of the orchard is entrusted into the expert hands of our wise gardener, Abele.
The lemons, oranges, mandarins, and cedri are all harvested between October and March. It is in this period, in which the peel is firm but thin and the sweetness, the scent and the flavour of the fruit is at its perfect point of maturity. This period is naturally a time of great production with each marmalade being made according to the maturity of its fruit.
Not only are they delicious to eat but they are also beautifully presented and in their jars they retain the full flavour and natural colour of their fruit; something which we take great care not to alter during the cooking process.



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